Top 5 Machine Learning Competitions You Must Know in 2024

Top Machine Learning Competitions

Have you learned machine learning and planning to participate in Top Machine Learning Competitions?… If yes, then you must check these listed 5 Machine Learning Competitions. These listed competitions will help you to strengthen your machine learning knowledge and improves your portfolio.

Now without further ado, let’s get started-

Top Machine Learning Competitions

1. Detect Text on Crossplots

The deadline for this contest is 2nd November 2022. In this competition, you have to extract the text from these plots: title, axes labels, and axes units.

For this contest, you have to use images of cross plots with two axes as data. You can submit 5 CSV predictions per day. And if you are participating in a team, only one team member can submit predictions per day.

This competition is organized by Studio X LLC. And it is accessed via

For more details, check – Detect Text on Crossplots

2. AutoML Decathlon

This competition is divided into 2 phases: Development and Evaluation. In the Development Phase, they will release 10 tasks/datasets with metadata information. And in the Evaluation Phase, the submission from each team will be tested on 10 private tasks/datasets.

In this competition, you have to create a fully automated ML pipeline that receives the task data and metadata as input and outputs a well-trained model, on a diverse set of 10 development tasks.

For more details, check – AutoML Decathlon

3. Store Sales – Time Series Forecasting

This competition will help you to practice your machine learning skills with an approachable training dataset of dates, store, and item information, promotions, and unit sales.

In this competition, you have to use time-series forecasting to forecast store sales on data from Corporación Favorita, a large Ecuadorian-based grocery retailer.

You can submit a maximum of 5 entries per day. And the maximum team size is 5.

For more details, check- Store Sales – Time Series Forecasting

4. Titanic – Machine Learning from Disaster

This is the most popular machine learning competition. This is suitable for beginners. If you just learned machine learning, this competition is the perfect next step to strengthen your machine learning skills.

In this project, you have to use machine learning to create a model that predicts which passengers survived the Titanic shipwreck.

For this competition, there are two datasets ‘train.csv’ and ‘test.csv’. These datasets contain information like name, age, gender, socio-economic class, etc.

For more details, check- Titanic – Machine Learning from Disaster

5. Weather4cast – Super-Resolution Rain Movie Prediction under Spatio-temporal Shifts

In this competition, you have to predict future rain patterns with modern machine learning algorithms. Such type of competition and work is required for our climate.

For this content, you can access unique large-scale data and demonstrate temporal and spatial transfer learning under strong distributional shifts.

For more details, check- Weather4cast – Super-Resolution Rain Movie Prediction under Spatio-temporal Shifts

And here the list ends. I hope these 5 Top Machine Learning Competitions will definitely help you to enhance your portfolio and strengthen your knowledge in machine learning. I would suggest you bookmark this article for future referrals. Now it’s time to wrap up.


In this article, I tried to cover 5 Top Machine Learning Competitions. If you have any doubt or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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