Datacamp SQL Associate Certification Review – Is It Worth It? 2024

Datacamp SQL Associate Certification Review

So, you are planning to enroll in Datacamp SQL Associate Certification? I would say…WAIT! First, read my Datacamp SQL Associate Certification Review and then decide whether to enroll in the program or not.

As a Data Science professional, I’m well-placed to review the Datacamp SQL Associate Certification. I’ll give you all the details you need to know about this certification program.

So, let’s get started-

Datacamp SQL Associate Certification Review

I’ve done my homework and explored this certification program inside out. Now, I want to share my insights with you to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your journey in data.

What’s the Deal with the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification?

This certification is all about showcasing your proficiency in SQL, the language that powers data management and analysis. It’s like a seal of approval, telling the world that you know your stuff when it comes to SQL.

The Upside:

1. Valuable Industry Recognition: First off, let’s talk about recognition. This certification carries weight in the industry. Employers value it, which means it can open doors for you in your data career.

2. Flexibility for Busy Bees: One of the perks is flexibility. You can study at your own pace and schedule exams when it suits you. For busy folks like us juggling work and other commitments, this flexibility is a game-changer.

3. Hands-On Learning Experience: What I love most is the hands-on approach. You’re not just reading about SQL; you’re actually doing it through interactive exercises and projects. It’s a great way to learn and apply your skills in real-world scenarios.

The Downsides:

1. Short Shelf Life: Now, let’s talk about the cons. The certification is only valid for two years. In a field that moves as fast as data science, this might feel like a short time. You’ll need to stay on your toes to keep your certification current.

2. Extra Cost for Non-Premium Members: If you’re not already a DataCamp Premium member, there’s an additional cost for the certification program. While it’s not a deal-breaker, it’s something to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

Topics Covered in the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification

Now, let’s see what topics the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification covers. After all, knowing what you’ll be learning is key to deciding if this certification is right for you.

1. SQL Fundamentals: This is where it all begins. You’ll start with the basics of SQL, learning about data types, tables, and queries. Think of it as laying the foundation for your SQL journey.

2. Querying Databases: Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to dive into querying databases. You’ll learn how to retrieve specific data from databases using SQL commands like SELECT, WHERE, and ORDER BY.

3. Data Manipulation: Next up, data manipulation. You’ll discover how to modify and transform data within databases using SQL statements such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. This is where you’ll learn to wield SQL like a pro.

4. Data Aggregation: Now, let’s talk about data aggregation. You’ll explore how to summarize and aggregate data using SQL functions like COUNT, SUM, AVG, and GROUP BY. It’s all about distilling large datasets into meaningful insights.

5. Joins and Subqueries: Ever heard of joins and subqueries? In this section, you’ll learn how to combine data from multiple tables using different types of joins (e.g., INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN) and how to use subqueries to perform complex queries.

6. Data Visualization: Last but not least, data visualization. You’ll discover how to visualize SQL query results using tools like Matplotlib and Seaborn. It’s all about turning raw data into eye-catching visualizations that tell a story.

These are just a few of the topics covered in the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification. Each topic is carefully designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in SQL and data analysis.

Topics Not Covered in the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification

Now, let’s see what topics you won’t find in the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification program. Knowing what’s not covered is just as important as knowing what is, so let’s dive in.

1. Advanced SQL Concepts: While the certification covers SQL fundamentals and some intermediate topics, it doesn’t go deeply into advanced SQL concepts. You won’t find topics like window functions, recursive queries, or advanced database administration in this program.

2. Database Administration: If you’re looking to learn about database administration tasks like backup and recovery, performance tuning, or security management, you won’t find them in this certification program. Database administration is a separate field with its own set of skills and certifications.

3. SQL Server-Specific Features: The DataCamp SQL Associate Certification focuses on teaching SQL in a general sense, rather than covering specific features of particular database management systems (DBMS) like SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. While the concepts are transferable, you won’t learn about platform-specific functionalities.

4. NoSQL Databases: If you’re interested in learning about NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, or Redis, you won’t find them in this program. The certification program focuses exclusively on SQL and relational databases.

5. Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: While data visualization is covered to some extent, the certification program doesn’t delve into specific business intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Looker. These tools are often used for creating interactive dashboards and reports, but they’re not part of this certification.

6. Advanced Data Analysis Techniques: Lastly, if you’re looking to learn advanced data analysis techniques like machine learning, predictive modeling, or natural language processing (NLP), you won’t find them in this program. The certification program focuses primarily on SQL and data manipulation skills.

While these topics aren’t covered in the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification program, there are plenty of other resources and certifications available if you’re interested in exploring them further. It’s all about finding the right fit for your learning goals and career aspirations.

Price of the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification

The cost of the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification program is $25 per month. However, it’s worth noting that this fee is included in the Premium Membership offered by DataCamp. So, if you’re already a Premium Member, you won’t have to pay any additional fees to enroll in the certification program.

Is DataCamp SQL Associate Certification Worth It?

It depends on your goals and circumstances. If you’re looking to enhance your SQL skills and advance your career in the data industry, this certification can be a valuable asset. It’s recognized by industry experts, offers a flexible learning format, and provides hands-on experience with SQL.

However, it’s essential to consider factors like the short validity period of the certification (two years) and the additional cost if you’re not already a DataCamp Premium member. If you’re willing to stay proactive about renewing your certification and can afford the associated fees, then the benefits of holding this credential may outweigh the drawbacks.

Ultimately, whether the DataCamp SQL Associate Certification is worth it for you depends on your individual goals, budget, and commitment to continuous learning in the field of data science. Consider your options carefully, weigh the pros and cons, and make an informed decision based on what aligns best with your career aspirations.

My Recommendation

First off, if you’re passionate about data or looking to break into the field, this certification could be a great fit. It’s recognized by industry experts, which could open doors for your career. Also, if you’re someone with a busy schedule, the flexibility of this program is a big plus. You can study at your own pace and fit it into your routine. Plus, the hands-on learning experience makes it easy to understand and apply SQL concepts.

However, if you’re already an advanced SQL user or looking for more specialized topics, this program might not offer enough depth for you. Also, if you’re not interested in pursuing certifications or if you’re not passionate about data, this might not be the right fit.

Overall, if you’re eager to enhance your SQL skills and advance your career in data, this certification could be a valuable investment. But, it’s important to consider your goals and preferences before enrolling.

Does DataCamp provide materials to prepare for Certification?

Yes, DataCamp offers extensive resources to help you prepare for certification. With your subscription, you gain access to their content library, which includes hundreds of hours of courses, practice exercises, and projects. Additionally, DataCamp has curated career tracks specifically designed to guide you through building the core skills needed for certification. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced data professional, you’ll find resources tailored to your level of expertise.

When do I have to take the exams?

For DataCamp Certifications, you have the flexibility to schedule exams according to your convenience. The certification process is designed to accommodate your schedule, allowing you to take exams whenever it works best for you. While some exams may have a set time limit for completion once started, you generally have 30 days overall to fulfill all requirements. This flexible approach ensures that everyone has the opportunity to become certified, regardless of their schedule constraints.


I hope this Datacamp SQL Associate Certification Review helps you to decide whether to enroll or not.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section. I am here to help you. 

Happy Learning!

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