Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review [Is It Worth It?] [2024]

Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review

Are you planning to enroll in Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program?… If yes, first read my Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review.

In this review, I tried to cover everything related to the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program such as the content quality, worthiness of projects, value for money or not, etc.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started-

Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review

Is Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program Worth It?

The Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program is worth it for beginners with previous knowledge of network connectivity and basic operating system fundamentals(Windows or Linux).

If you are a beginner and looking for a program that will help you to begin your cybersecurity career, I would say Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program is worth it. Because you will get a chance to work on 4 real-world projects that will improve your Resume for a job. Along with that, you will gain a solid understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals.

But, if you already have previous knowledge of cybersecurity and looking to advance your skills, I would not recommend this Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program.

Now, I would like to share my personal experience with Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program in this review summary table-

My Review Summary

Learning ExperienceThe learning experience was interesting and taught me about computer security. However, sometimes, the topics felt too difficult to understand.
Course CurriculumThe course covered essential cybersecurity topics like protecting networks and responding to problems. However, some parts could have been explained more clearly.
Project-Based LearningI enjoyed the hands-on projects that helped me learn practically.
Instructors and SupportThe instructors were smart and helpful. They gave good advice. Yet, sometimes it took a while for them to respond to questions.
Flexibility and PaceI could learn at my own pace, which was convenient. But, not having deadlines made it hard to stay motivated and keep going.
Skill DevelopmentI learned valuable cybersecurity skills. Yet, some exercises could have been more challenging for real-life situations.
Community and NetworkingTalking to other students and professionals was great. Yet, it could have been better with more interactive discussions.
Job Placement AssistanceThey offered help in finding jobs, which was nice. However, the support for job placement could have been stronger.
Overall ImpressionDespite some drawbacks, the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree is still recommended for those who want to learn about cybersecurity because it’s engaging and relevant.

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Now, let’s see the quality of content and projects.

Content and Projects of Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program

The best thing I found about Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program is the perfect balance between theory and practice. I have seen various other cybersecurity programs. Most of them either covered only theoretical concepts or only a few basic hands-on exercises.

But, in Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program, there are 4 courses and 4 projects. After completing a course, there is one project related to the course taught. This approach helps to clear theoretical doubts while working on projects. Throughout the project, Udacity provides a technical mentor support feature. You can clear your doubts with the mentor.

Now, let’s see the projects covered in the Naodegree program-

Project 1- Securing a Business Network

In this project, you have to use the cybersecurity skills you’ve learned in the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course. You’ll work on a Windows 10 client system to investigate and fix security issues.

By doing so, you’ll get hands-on experience with cybersecurity and learn how to apply what you’ve learned in the course. This project will help you understand the importance of cybersecurity and how it relates to real-world business problems.

Overall, this is an excellent project for you to demonstrate your cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

Project 2- Monitoring and Securing Douglas Financials Inc.

As the new security analyst at Douglas Financials Inc. (DFI), you’ll get to analyze Windows and Linux servers and suggest ways to improve their security.

In this project, you’ll create firewall rules, analyze threat intelligence, and encrypt files and folders for clients. This project provides practical experience and helps you understand cybersecurity best practices in a business setting.

By reporting recommendations on OS hardening, compliance issues, encryption, and network security, you’ll learn how to ensure effective network security.

After completing the project, the Udacity reviewer reviews the project and suggested improvements. This is the best part of the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program.

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Project 3- Navigating a Cybersecurity Incident

In this cybersecurity project, you will navigate a potential cyber incident at Hospital X. You will work to identify the type of threat actor and potential motivation behind the attack. Then, you’ll conduct scans to find vulnerabilities that could lead to a successful attack.

Afterward, you’ll assess the risk levels and propose a remediation plan. You’ll also use an incident response plan to navigate a potential breach and suggest improvements to the plan.

Through this project, you can showcase your cybersecurity skills and gain practical experience in a healthcare setting. It’s a great project to learn about cybersecurity threats and contribute to Hospital X’s efforts to keep its patients and stakeholders safe from cyber threats.

Project 4- Create the SwiftTech GRC Program

The SwiftTech project is challenging because they are developing products and moving their infrastructure to the cloud while maintaining good customer service. This makes it difficult to maintain strong cybersecurity.

As a new GRC analyst for SwiftTech, your job is to quickly learn the business and improve its cybersecurity documentation. You need to find and document potential cybersecurity risks and create strategies to deal with them.

Overall, this is a tough project because you have to balance security with the need for speed and flexibility. It’s a challenging job, but if you can do it well, you’ll help SwiftTech achieve its goals and keep its customers safe.

Overall, These four cybersecurity projects all have one goal in common – to protect businesses and their customers from potential threats.

Each project tackles a specific area of cybersecurity, whether it’s securing a business network, monitoring and securing company data, navigating a cybersecurity incident, or creating a GRC program.

These projects will improve your resume and help you to gain a solid understanding of Cybersecurity.

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Now, let’s see how is the content in all 4 courses-

Course 1- Cybersecurity Foundations

In this first course, you will learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity such as the relevant role of cybersecurity and why it is important, how business stakeholders play a role in cybersecurity, and cybersecurity tools, environments, and dependencies.

Next, you will understand trends in cybersecurity events and protection techniques, how to maintain a secure infrastructure, how to categorize assets, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, how security defenses are layered throughout different system architectures, and how to analyze vulnerabilities and risks to those organizational assets.

This course will help you to understand the basics of Cybersecurity.

Course 2- Defending and Securing Systems

In this course, you will learn best practices for securing computer systems, analyzing security incidents, and identifying network vulnerabilities.

Additionally, you’ll gain knowledge in recommending mitigations to address common application vulnerabilities and understand fundamental encryption techniques to secure data.

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of cybersecurity.

But, this course requires a significant time commitment, including hands-on labs and assignments, which could be difficult for you if you have a busy schedule. That’s why I would suggest doing proper time management for this Nanodegree program.

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Course 3- Threats, Vulnerabilities & Incident Response

In this course, the instructor explains the relationship between threats, threat actors, vulnerabilities, and exploits. After that, you will learn how to configure and launch scans to find vulnerabilities, how to conduct vulnerability research using industry resources like MITRE CVE, how to validate scan results through manual testing and application of business context, etc.

Along with that, you will also understand the relationship between incident response, disaster recovery, business continuity, and the incident response lifecycle.

Overall, this is a detailed course to understand threats, vulnerabilities, etc.

Course 4- Governance, Risk & Compliance

This is the last course of the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program. In this course, you will learn about the functions of GRC and how it connects cybersecurity controls to business objectives. You’ll also learn how to assess control effectiveness, measure security risk, and ensure that organizations are meeting security compliance objectives.

This course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and includes practical exercises and assessments to reinforce your learning.

Overall, all four courses are detailed and well-structured. From foundational principles in the Cybersecurity Foundations course to defending systems, handling threats and incidents, and understanding governance, risk, and compliance, you’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of the field.

So, this is all about the Projects and Content of the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program. Now, I would like to mention the Price and Duration of the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program.

Price and Duration of the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program

According to Udacity, the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program program will take 4 months to complete if you spend 10 hours per week.

And for 4 months they cost around $1199. But Udacity offers two options- One is either pay the complete amount upfront or you can pay monthly installments of $399/month.

So this is according to Udacity, but here I would like to tell you how to get Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program at a low cost.

How to get Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program at a low cost?

Udacity Nanodegree Programs are very expensive compared to other courses. That is the reason, most people think about it before enrolling in the program.

Most of the time, Udacity runs some discounts. During the discount period, you will get 75% off on Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program.

To check about discounts, simply visit the Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program. And you will see any current discounts on the page.

For eg, these days, they are proving “New Personalized Discounts”.

Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review

Click on the “New Personalized Discount” button. You will be redirected to the next page, where they will ask about 2 questions. Answer these questions and press the “Submit Application” button. And you will receive the discount on the next page.

You need to copy the coupon code and paste this code at the time of payment. By doing this, you will get Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program in less amount.

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Now, I would like to mention how are the instructors-

Are Instructors Experienced?

  1. Christine Izuakor– She is the CEO of Cyber Pop-up, an on-demand cybersecurity platform.
  2. Jerry Smith– Jerry is a member of the security operations center for the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  3. Ron Woerner– Ron Woerner is a noted consultant, speaker, and writer in the security industry.
  4. Sean Pike– Sean Pike is a cybersecurity and GRC leader with 20+ years of experience leading cybersecurity initiatives in regulated companies.

As you saw, all instructors are experienced and knowledgeable. And learning from such instructors is amazing and helpful. That is the reason I love Udacity.

Now, I would like to mention What did I like about Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program and what I didn’t like.

What did I like about Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program?

  • The Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various essential cybersecurity topics.
  • Hands-on projects and exercises enable you to gain valuable experience in cybersecurity.
  • Mentors and instructors are available to support you throughout the program.
  • Career services and job placement support are provided to help you launch your cybersecurity career.
  • You can learn at your own pace, making it flexible and convenient.
  • The curriculum is regularly updated to stay current with industry trends.
  • You will get an opportunity to learn and apply cybersecurity concepts in a supportive and interactive online learning environment.

What I didn’t like about Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program?

  • The Udacity Nanodegree program is expensive compared to other MOOCs platforms.
  • After completing the Nanodegree program, you can’t access the course material. Maybe Udacity does this to avoid misuse.
  • Udacity doesn’t have any IOS and Android apps. So, you can’t study on your smartphones and outside the house.

My Personal Suggestion

Many people thought that after completing this Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program, they can easily get a job in the Cybersecurity domain. No…It’s a big No.

This Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program will help you to gain advanced concepts in Cybersecurity and teach you how to work on Cybersecurity Projects.

But, You have to make your portfolio stronger by working on more Challenges. After completing this Nanodegree Program, don’t stop. Work on various advance level Cybersecurity Projects.

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Now it’s time to wrap up this Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review.


I hope this Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review helped you to decide whether to enroll in this program or not.

If you found this Udacity Cybersecurity Nanodegree Review helpful, you can share it with others. And if you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

All the Best!

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