45 Best Resources to Learn Artificial Intelligence(YouTube, Tutorials, Courses, Books, etc)- 2024

best resources to learn Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to learn Artificial Intelligence and looking for the best resources to learn Artificial Intelligence?… If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, I have listed all the best resources to learn Artificial Intelligence including Online Courses, Tutorials, Books, and YouTube Videos.

So, give your few minutes and find out the best resources to learn Artificial Intelligence. You can bookmark this article so that you can refer to this article later.

Now without further ado, let’s get started-

Best Resources to Learn Artificial Intelligence

For your convenience, I have created separate tables for each resource. So let’s start with online courses-

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Online Courses

S/NCourse NameRatingTime to Complete
1. Intro to Artificial Intelligence– Udacity(Free Course)NA4 Months
2. AI For Everyone– Coursera 4.8/56 hours
3. AI Fundamentals– Udacity(Free Course)NA1 Month
4.Intro to Game AI and Reinforcement Learning– KaggleNA4 hours
5. Artificial Intelligence for Robotics– Udacity(Free Course)NA2 months
6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Made Simple– Udemy4.6/544 min
7. Artificial Intelligence by Georgia Tech– Udacity(Free Course)NA4 Months
8.Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python-edXNA7 weeks
9. AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization– Coursera4.7/53 months (If you spend 3 hours/week)
10.AI Programming with Python– Udacity4.6/53 Months (If you spend 10 hrs/week)
11.IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate– Coursera4.6/57 months (if you spend 4 hours/week)
12. AI for Healthcare– Udacity4.6/54 months (if you spend 15 hours/week)
13.IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate– Coursera4.4/58 months (If you spend 3 hours/week)
14. AI for Medicine Specialization– Coursera4.7/53 months (If you spend 7 hours/week)
15. Artificial Intelligence for Trading– Udacity4.6/56 Months (If you spend 10 hrs/week)
16.Mind and Machine Specialization– Coursera4.3/54 months (If you spend 2 hours/week)
17.Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python– UdemyNA12.5 hours


S/NBook NameAuthorBuy/Download
1. Artificial Intelligence BasicsTom Taulli1. Buy on Amazon
2. Download Ebook
2. AI and Machine Learning for CodersLaurence Moroney1. Buy on Amazon
3. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Global EditionPeter Norvig, Stuart Russell1. Buy on Amazon
4.Artificial Intelligence Engines James V Stone 1. Buy on Amazon
5.Pattern Recognition and Machine LearningChristopher M. Bishop1. Buy on Amazon
2. Download Ebook
6. Artificial Intelligence By ExampleDenis Rothman 1. Buy on Amazon
7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for BusinessSteven Finlay1. Buy on Amazon
8. Artificial Intelligence Neil Wilkins 1. Buy on Amazon
9.A First Course in Artificial IntelligenceDeepak Khemani 1. Buy on Amazon


S/NTutorial NameProvider
1. Artificial Intelligence TutorialTutorialsPoint
2. AI with Python – Computer VisionTutorialsPoint
3. Artificial Intelligence TutorialjavaTpoint
4. Artificial Intelligencew3schools
5. Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for BeginnersSimplilearn
6. Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for BeginnersIntellipaat
7.What is Artificial Intelligence?Guru99
8.Artificial Intelligence TutorialEdureka
9.A Complete Guide to Mastering AIData Flair
10.Artificial Intelligence CoursesGreat Learning

YouTube Videos

S/NTutorial NameChannel Name
1. Artificial Intelligence Full CourseEdureka
2.Python Artificial Intelligence TutorialClever Programmer
3. Artificial IntelligenceGate Smashers
4.Artificial Intelligence Tutorial Simplilearn
5. Artificial Intelligence CourseSimplilearn
6.Artificial Intelligence For BeginnersIntellipaat
7. AI And Machine Learning Full Course 2024Simplilearn
8.Tensorflow Object Detection in 5 Hours with PythonNicholas Renotte
9.OpenCV Python Course – Learn Computer Vision and AIfreeCodeCamp.org
10.Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and consDW Documentary

And here the list ends. I hope these resources will help you to learn and master Artificial Intelligence. I would suggest you bookmark this article for future referrals.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Examples

1. Self-Driven Cars

Self-driven cars are an example of Artificial Intelligence. In self-driven cars, no driver is needed. The car is well verse with AI technology.

In self-driven cars, only you need to enter your destination. You don’t need to give any instructions like how to use a break or when to stop.

These smart cars automatically detect obstacles. So that’s all is possible just because of Artificial Intelligence.

2. Sophia ( A Robot)

Sophia is the product of Hanson Robotics. Hanson Robotics is a Hongkong based company. Sophia was activated in 2016.

Sophia can communicate with the help of natural language processing. She can create different facial expressions just like humans.

Now, Sophia has citizenship in Saudi Arabia. She is the first robot citizen.

So, this is possible because of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Google Assistant/Siri/Alexa

We all know about these terms. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. So do you think, how do they operate?

They all are examples of Artificial Intelligence. You only need to pass your query to them, and in a few seconds, they give you a reply. So this is happening with the help of Natural language processing.

You can connect different gadgets to your house with Amazon Alexa. Then you can operate all gadgets with Alexa.

4. Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation is used in online shopping sites. They collect your previous shopping trends. And recommend new items based on them.

Suppose, if you buy jeans and a pair of shoes. So, when you visit again on that site, you will see the recommendation for some other kinds of jeans and shoes.

So this is possible because of Artificial Intelligence.

5. Chatbot

Do you know, that the person who is replying in customer support is not human, it’s a chatbot?. 

Yes. Now it’s possible because of AI. A chatbot is an AI-based tool, that performs the same job as human customer support does.

They can take your query, process it, and resolve your query.

6. Facebook Image Recognition

Do you even think, when you post an image on Facebook, so how do facebook tag your friends with their names?

This is Artificial Intelligence. Facebook uses image recognition, which helps to recognize the image of a person.

This feature makes our life easier. Before this feature, we did it manually. But now, it automatically identifies images and tags with names.

7. GPS

GPS gives you real traffic updates. Like which road has less traffic. It can also give you the exact timing of your arrival at a certain location.

Suppose when you start driving, you enter your start location and destination. So based on these locations, google smart maps give you an exact arrival time. Along with that, it also suggests a path that takes less time.

So, this is possible because of AI.

8. Pandora.

Pandora is a unique music site that uses artificial intelligence. It helps you to find the next song that you need to listen to.

This is not a random selection of songs. The people behind Pandora imbued their musical DNA into the AI to the extent that professional musicians actually work.

They analyzed every song in the world. Then they break it down into 400 musical characteristics.

So when you select any song, AI will analyze the song and select music of a similar style, flow, and substance. So your next song will be much similar to the previous song.


Nomura Securities is using Artificial Intelligence to analyze the insights of experienced stock traders.

It is the new stock trading system. It stores a vast amount of trading data and predicts the future share market price.

Many Banks are using Artificial Intelligence to provide customer support, fraud detection, and many more. The HDFC bank is using an AI-based chatbot “ASK EVA“. EVA can resolve your query in 0.4 seconds.

10. BLUE RIVER and Plantix

Blue River Technology is used in the Agriculture field. They invented a robot called See & Spray.

This robot uses computer vision technology to monitor and precisely spray weedicide( a chemical spray) on cotton plants.

Plantix was developed by PEAT, a berlin based AI startup. Plantix uses image recognition to detect the defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

You can take an image of plants from your smartphone and submit it to Plantix. It will recognize and give you suggestions.

Now it’s time to wrap up.


In this article, I tried to cover all the best resources to learn Artificial Intelligence from online courses to YouTube videos. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

All the Best!

Enjoy Learning!

Thank YOU!

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