40 Best Resources to Learn Natural Language Processing in 2024

Best Resources to Learn Natural Language Processing

Do you want to learn natural language processing and looking for Best Resources to Learn Natural Language Processing?… If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have listed all the best resources to learn natural language processing including Online Courses, Tutorials, Books, and YouTube Videos.

So, give your few minutes and find out the best resources to learn natural language processing. You can bookmark this article so that you can refer to this article later.

Now without further ado, let’s get started-

Best Resources to Learn Natural Language Processing

For your convenience, I have created separate tables for each resource. So let’s start with online courses-

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Best Natural Language Processing Online Courses

S/NCourse NameRatingPrerequisiteTime to Complete
1.  Natural Language Processing Specialization– deeplearning.ai4.6/5Those who have a working knowledge of machine learning, and intermediate Python including experience with a deep learning framework such as TensorFlow and Keras. 4 months( If you spend 6 hours per week)
2. Become a Natural Language Processing Expert- Udacity4.5/5Those who have Intermediate Knowledge of Python, Statistics, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning.3 months (If you spend 10-15 hours per week)
3. Natural Language Processing– National Research University Higher School of Economics4.5/5This course requires basic knowledge of linear algebra and probability theory, machine learning setup, and deep neural networks.32 Hours
4. Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow– deeplearning.ai4.6/5Those who have intermediate-level knowledge in Pythonhigh school level mathematics knowledge, and those who are familiar with TensorFlow.14 Hours
5. Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python– DataCampNAThose who have working knowledge in Python.4 hours
6. Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning in Python Udemy4.5/5Those who have knowledge of calculus, matrix addition, multiplication, and, probability and are comfortable with Python coding, and Numpy coding.12 hours
7.Learn Natural Language Processing- CodecademyNAThere is no other prerequisite to enroll in this course, you should have only Python 3 Knowledge.10 hours
8. Data Science: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python –Udemy4.5/5Students who are comfortable writing Python code and who want to learn more about machine learning but don’t want to do a lot of math.10 hours
9. NLP -Natural Language Processing with Python- Udemy4.5/5There are not too many requirements for enrolling in this course. Only those who know Python and want to learn NLP can enroll.11.5 hours
10. Natural Language Processing with Python Certification Course- Edureka4.3/5Those who have knowledge of Python programming and a good understanding of Machine Learning concepts.Live Class

Best Natural Language Processing Books

S/NBook NameAuthorBuy/Download
1. Natural Language Processing with PythonSteven Bird1. Buy on Amazon
2. Download EBook
2. Speech and Language ProcessingJames H. Martin | Dan Jurafsky 1. Buy on Amazon
2. Download EBook
3. Foundations of Statistical Natural Language ProcessingChristopher Manning and Hinrich Schütze.1. Buy on Amazon
2. Download EBook
4. Text Mining with RJulia Silge and David Robinson.1. Buy on Amazon
2. EBook
5. Taming TextGrant Ingersoll, Thomas Morton, and Drew Farris1. Buy on Amazon
2. Book GitHub Repository 
6. Statistical Machine TranslationPhilipp Koehn1. Buy on Amazon
7. Neural Network Methods in Natural Language ProcessingYoav Goldberg, Graeme Hirst1. Buy on Amazon
2. Free Sample of the Book
8. Applied Text Analysis with PythonBenjamin Bengfort, Rebecca Bilbro, Tony Ojeda1. Buy on Amazon
2. Download EBook
9.Natural Language Processing in ActionHobson Lane, Hannes Hapke, Cole Howard1. Buy on Amazon
2. MEAP Edition
10.Statistical Methods for Speech RecognitionFrederick Jelinek1. Buy on Amazon

Best Natural Language Processing Tutorials

S/NTutorial NameProvider
1. Natural Language Processing TutorialTutorialsPoint
2. Natural Language ProcessingKaggle
3. NLP TutorialJavaTpoint
4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) TutorialGreat Learning
5. What is Natural Language Processing?MLTUT
6. Basics of Natural Language Processing(NLP)Analytics Vidhya
7.Natural Language Processing TutorialGuru99
8.NLP Tutorial AI with PythonDataFlair
9. What Is Natural Language Processing?Machine Learning Mastery
10. Natural Language Processing With Python’s NLTK PackageReal Python

Best Youtube Channel for Natural Language Processing

S/NTutorial NameChannel Name
1. Natural Language Processing -Stanford University [FULL COURSE]Artificial Intelligence – All in One
2. Natural Language ProcessingKrish Naik
3. Natural Language ProcessingIntellipaat
4. NLP for beginnersGreat Learning
5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tutorial with Python & NLTKfreeCodeCamp.org
6.Natural Language Processing Full courseCS Lesson
7.Computer – Natural Language Processingnptelhrd
8.Natural Language Processing Explained Edureka
9.Natural Language Processing (NLP), Part 1MIT OpenCourseWare
10.Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow 2freeCodeCamp.org

And here the list ends. I hope these resources will definitely help you to learn and master natural language processing.

Now, let’s see What are the applications of Natural Language Processing?

Applications of Natural Language Processing

NLP is used in various fields. Some most popular applications of NLP are-

  • Sentiment Analysis- Sentiment Analysis is finding out the mood or feeling of a Text. Sentiment Analysis helps you to identify whether a text has a positive feeling or a negative feeling. In short, sentiment analysis recognizes different feelings from the text. You can perform sentiment analysis on Tweets, or on Facebook posts.
  • ChatBot- When you have any query with any product, then you complain to customer support. So when you send a message with your query, you get a reply within a few seconds. So, do you think, who replies to your query?. It’s a ChatBot. ChatBot understands your language via processing and then replies to your query. That’s all happening with the help of NLP.
  • Speech Recognition- This is the most popular application of NLP. You are aware of Google’s assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Cortana. So, the process behind all of these is because of NLP. When you give any voice commands to them, they process with your language and try to give the best answer to your question.
  • Machine Translation- Many of us use Google Translation to translate from one language to another. And that is possible because of NLP.
  • Some other applications of NLP include Spell Checking, Keyword searching, Information retrieval, and Advertisement Matching.

So, these are some most popular applications of NLP. I hope you understood. I would suggest you bookmark this article for future referrals. Now it’s time to wrap up.


In this article, I tried to cover all the best resources to learn natural language processing from online courses to YouTube videos. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

All the Best!

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