Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT Coursera Review [2024]

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT Coursera Review

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Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT Coursera Review

Let’s start with a Review Summary of Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT Coursera Review

Course Content4.8/5The course content was amazing and covered a lot of different topics. It was interesting and had practical examples that made it easy to understand.
Instructor4.7/5The teacher was really smart and explained things well. They answered questions and encouraged us to take part in the class.
Hands-on Practice4.5/5The exercises and projects were helpful for learning. It would have been even better if they had more variety for different skill levels.
Support4.3/5The support from Coursera was good, but sometimes it took a bit long to get help. It would have been nice to get more detailed answers to questions.
Community4.6/5The online community was great! We could talk to other students and learn from each other. People were friendly and the discussions were useful.
Overall Experience4.7/5I really liked the course and would recommend it to others interested in AI and language processing. There were a few small things that could be improved, but it was an excellent experience overall.

Now, let’s see how is the course content-

How is the Content of the Course?

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT has a 6-week plan.

Week 1- Course Introduction

In the first week, the course began with a motivating introduction and some intriguing examples that showcased the power of ChatGPT. We got an overview of what to expect in the coming weeks, and the instructor explained the importance of understanding the underlying concepts before diving into practical applications. Additionally, we learned how to set up an account and started experimenting with ChatGPT, which helped build our excitement for the course.

Here is the link to join this course  Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Week 2- Introduction to Prompts

The second week focused on prompts, which are crucial in guiding the behavior of language models like ChatGPT. The instructor skillfully explained the concept of prompts in simple words, making it easy to grasp the essence of using them effectively. We explored different types of prompts, and the Persona Pattern particularly stood out as a creative way to personalize interactions with the language model. It allowed us to explore various roles and perspectives to generate diverse responses from ChatGPT.

Week 3- Prompt Patterns I

Week 3 delved deeper into various prompt patterns, expanding our toolkit for engineering effective prompts. We learned about the Question Refinement Pattern, Cognitive Verifier Pattern, Audience Persona Pattern, and Flipped Interaction Pattern. Each pattern was accompanied by detailed explanations and examples, enabling us to understand how to craft prompts to elicit the desired responses from ChatGPT. Moreover, supplementary readings provided additional insights into the formats of these patterns, enhancing our understanding.

Here is the link to join this course  Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Week 4- Few-Shot Examples

In the fourth week, we explored Few-Shot Examples, which opened up exciting possibilities for using ChatGPT with limited data. The instructor demonstrated how to present specific examples to guide the model’s behavior, even when only a few examples were available. We also learned about Chain of Thought Prompting and ReAct Prompting, which offered valuable techniques to influence the language model’s output with structured prompts.

Week 5- Prompt Patterns II

Week 5 continued to expand our knowledge of Prompt Patterns. The Game Play Pattern, Template Pattern, Meta Language Creation Pattern, Recipe Pattern, and Alternative Approaches Pattern allowed us to craft more sophisticated prompts. These patterns equipped us with the ability to create interactive narratives, generate structured responses, and explore novel approaches for using ChatGPT.

Week 6- Prompt Patterns III

Finally, in Week 6, we explored additional Prompt Patterns, including the Ask for Input Pattern, Combining Patterns, Outline Expansion Pattern, Menu Actions Pattern, Fact Check List Pattern, Tail Generation Pattern, and Semantic Filter Pattern. Each of these patterns added unique dimensions to our understanding of prompt engineering and its applications. Additionally, the course concluded with a thank-you message and encouragement to continue learning about prompt engineering beyond the course.

Throughout the course, the instructor’s explanations were clear and easy to follow. The video lessons were well-paced, and the supplementary readings provided additional context and resources for further exploration. However, one minor improvement could be the inclusion of more interactive exercises or quizzes to reinforce learning.

Here is the link to join this course  Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Now, let’s see how is the instructor of the course-

How is the Instructor of the Course?

Dr. Jules White is the instructor for the “Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT” course. He’s an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, specializing in mobile cyber-physical systems and model-driven engineering.

His research focuses on making data collection from mobile devices more secure and efficient, especially for applications in smart grids, healthcare, and manufacturing security.

Dr. White has won awards for his research papers and leads the MAGNUM Group at Vanderbilt University. His work has also been recognized in the industry, winning awards at events like CES and SXSW Interactive. With his expertise and accomplishments, Dr. Jules White is a great choice to guide us through this course.

Now, let’s see who should enroll in Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT.

Who Should Enroll in Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT?

Anyone can take this course, and there’s no need for any specific prior knowledge. As long as you have basic computer skills, like using a web browser and accessing ChatGPT, you’re good to go.

If you’re interested in exploring ChatGPT and want to learn how to create prompts to interact with it, this course is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a professional, or just someone curious about AI and language processing; you’ll find the course easy to follow and understand.

The instructor, Dr. Jules White, explains everything in a clear and straightforward way, using simple words to make it easy for everyone. You don’t need any technical background to enjoy and benefit from this course.

Here is the link to join this course  Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Now, let’s see the pricing and enrollment options-

Pricing and Enrollment Options

There are two options available. One is Purchase the Course. Another one is Audit Only.

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT Coursera Review

If you choose the “Purchase Course” option, you will get access to all graded items along with that you will receive a certificate after completing the course.

But if you choose “Audit Course”, you can’t access the graded items and will not receive a certificate.

Is Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT Worth It?

Yes, the Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT course is definitely worth it! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to understand and use ChatGPT effectively.

You don’t need any advanced skills to enroll. Just basic computer knowledge, like using a web browser and ChatGPT, is enough.

Dr. Jules White, the instructor, explains everything in a clear and easy way. He uses practical examples to make learning fun and relatable.

The course covers prompt engineering, which is all about creating effective instructions for ChatGPT. It’s useful for various fields like smart grids, healthcare, and more.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to create powerful prompts and get the most out of ChatGPT.

So, if you’re curious about AI and language processing, this course is a great choice. You’ll learn valuable skills and have fun exploring the world of ChatGPT!

Here is the link to join this course  Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT


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