Top 5 Most Demanding Data Mining Real-Life Applications

Application of Data Mining

Do you want to know about the Application of Data Mining?. If yes, then give your few minutes to this article. Here I will discuss the Top 5 most demanding Data Mining Real-Life Applications.

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Application of Data Mining

Before discussing the Application of Data Mining, First, you should know What is Data Mining. That’s why first let’s see the definition of Data Mining.

What is Data Mining?

As the name suggests, “DATA MINING“, What do you understand?.

In one line, you can say that Data Mining, perform mining from unstructured data.

Nowadays, a huge amount of data is being generated daily. But this data is like garbage. This data is of no use. This data may be anything.

Do you know that when you like one post on Facebook is also data?. Or when you upload a photo on Facebook is data. Your single click on one page also generates data.

Now, you can assume, how much data is generated daily. 😱

But, this huge amount of data contains various important information.

So how to extract meaningful information from huge and waste data?.

For that purpose “ Data Mining” is used. Data Mining extracts useful information and patterns from unstructured data.

Data Mining is similar to “Gold Mining”. Gold is mined from the rock. Similarly, Useful information is like Gold. And huge unstructured data is like a rock.

You can call “Data Mining” as “Knowledge Mining”. Because useful knowledge is mined from a huge amount of data.

If you wanna know Data Mining in detail, then read this article. Data Mining: Everything You Need to Know About

Now, let’s move into the next section.

Top 5 Data Mining Real-Life Applications

Are you excited to know the real-life Data Mining Applications?.

Yes, Let’s see one by one. 👍 

Data Mining plays an important role in various sectors. Here, I will discuss the most demanding sectors of Data Mining.

So, the first one is-

1. Data Mining in Healthcare

Application of Data Mining

This is the most demanding sector of Data Mining. In Healthcare, data mining is performed in various forms.

Let’s see how Data Mining is used in various forms of Healthcare.

1.1 Pathology Data Mining
Application of Data Mining

Pathology is one of the main sector of Healthcare. Data Mining in Pathology has the potential to increase the quality and decrease the cost of health care.

Pathology Data Mining brings greater value to health care.

Many people do routine checkups in Pathology. And patient of any disease gets their checkup in Pathology.

So the result of these tests are used to make diagnoses. These tests are screened for conditions and follow the progression of chronic diseases.

These chronic diseases may be related to Kidney, liver, and heart.

So Pathology has a rich source of data. Therefore the Department of Pathology uniquely enabled the research using Data Mining.

By using Data Mining in Pathology, different patterns can be found. These patterns can play an important role in the diagnosis.

1.2 Depression Detection
Application of Data Mining

Nowadays, Most of the people are depressed. Depression is one of the serious problem in our society.

Report of WHO said that nearly 350 million people are suffering from depression worldwide.

In North America, the probability of having MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) within one year is 3-5% in males and 8-10% in females.

After looking at these data, it is very clear that depression is a very serious problem in our society.

Due to the high number of depressed patients, psychologists aren’t able to treat every patient of depression.

Psychologists can’t able to detect everyday feelings of depressed patients.

Therefore Data Mining comes into the scene. By mining depressed person symptoms, depression can be predicted.

For collecting the depression symptoms, you can use various tools. The one main source is Social Media.

Nowadays, everyone is on Social Media. Everyone shares their feelings on social media. That’s why social media is a great platform for data collection for depression mining.

2. Data Mining in Business

Application of Data Mining

The next main application of Data Mining in Business.

let’s see how in business Data Mining is playing an important role in different forms.

2.1 Product Recommendation
Application of Data Mining

Various Online shopping sites are using product recommendations.

Do you know how product recommendation works?.

The product recommendation gives a recommendation after data mining.

Suppose when you visit on any online shopping site. And you purchase Home Furniture and Decoration item. The Shopping site store this data in its database. They perform mining on your data.

And when next time you visit on that site, you will see only furniture items on the home page.

So this happen because of Data Mining.

2.2 Sales Forecasting
Application of Data Mining

Sales Forecasting analyzes when a customer bought something, then to predict when they will buy again.

With the help of Data Mining, you can perform sales forecasting. It will help in product sales.

Because if companies know that at this time, customers can purchase again. So companies can advertise with different discounts. It increases the chances of product sales.

2.3 Market Segmentation
Market Segmentation

This is the classic use of Data Mining. Using Data to break down a market into meaningful segments like age, income, occupation, or gender.

By doing so, companies can target a specific audience only. It increases the chance of response.

3. In Banking


Banks are using Data Mining to understand market risks. Data mining is also used in credit ratings and intelligent anti-fraud system.

Banks can track credit card spending by certain customer groups.

4. Education Data Mining

Education Data Mining

Each University and School has a database of each student. This database includes students name, marks, percentage, and many more.

By using, this database, various patterns can be mined. And based on these patterns, college or schools can take important decisions.

The goal of Education Data Mining is to predict a student’s future learning behavior.

Moreover, by using Data Mining, college, or school can decide how to teach and what to teach.

5. In Criminal Investigation


The high amount of criminal data and the complexity of relationship between such data have made criminology an appropriate field for data mining.

Criminology is the process that identifies criminal characteristics.

Crime Data Mining includes exploring and detecting crimes. They also find a relationship with criminals.

The knowledge received after Data mining is very useful for the Police Department.

Lie Detection also plays an important role in identifying crime.


As we saw that Data Mining is changing our lives and making it easier. Various sectors are using Data Mining to improves their performance.

All sectors are experiencing positive changes in their industry after using Data Mining.

That is the reason Data Mining is in demand in Today’s world.

I hope now you understand What is Data Mining, and its most demanding applications. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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